Cat Gives Up On Life

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Not the Turtle
Not the Turtle پیش 11 ماه
Thats me when I lean my chair back in school
Pruthu Deshpande
Pruthu Deshpande پیش 10 روز
American Daddy
American Daddy پیش 15 روز
Enabled پیش 19 روز
That’s happened 100 times to me
duck پیش ماه
Have you heard the tragic tail of the kid who leaned back to far in there chair? It’s not a story your fellow students would tell you
Comrade SHAAARK پیش ماه
RedSky Gaming
RedSky Gaming پیش ساعت
Why did i just only today get the notification
Helix Jovian
Helix Jovian پیش 5 ساعت
That cat is basically me and some other people in the nutshell
Cameron Suh
Cameron Suh پیش 22 ساعت
Is no one going to talk about the cat at the end?
julius speelt
julius speelt پیش روز
face reveal at 10 mil subs??????
Phoenix پیش روز
0:38 that’s dangerous
Moss Carter
Moss Carter پیش 2 روز
1:12 is funny
Robyn Redbreast
Robyn Redbreast پیش 2 روز
That worm looks sour as hell 🤤
SocksAndSandals پیش 2 روز
im still waiting on that phone
Bongo Tube
Bongo Tube پیش 3 روز
Red پیش 4 روز
oh that cat must be me in my feline form.
Ingeborg Swieten
Ingeborg Swieten پیش 4 روز
🤭😄 that cat at the end😂
Garlon پیش 5 روز
well of course i know him.... he's me
NightriderXP1 پیش 5 روز
I've never understood why Walmart doesn't know what it's sold based on what's been scanned out. If someone buys a product, it subtracts one from the inventory for that product. If they look at the data, they should be able to see what needs to be stocked and what doesn't. Why in the world would they need a robot to scan the shelves???
MEE 6 پیش 6 روز
The cats just like: am I dead yet
Midi Music Forever
Midi Music Forever پیش 6 روز
Let's see. Shall I warn my friends, or will I just hurry up and get a good video?
THE_KRAKEN پیش 7 روز
I don’t care if it’s unbalanced I want that d20!
Lucifer پیش 8 روز
Cat be like: is this heaven or hell ? 😂😂😂
BreezyBooTea پیش 8 روز
2:34 At my local giant we kinda have something like that but it's a machine that cleans the floor and the announcements would say " Clean up in the fruit department" the robot would go over an clesm
KingCP08 :D
KingCP08 :D پیش 9 روز
If only giving up was that easy for people
Timofei Gerasimov
Timofei Gerasimov پیش 10 روز
you made my day JUST a little better
Rj Ferry
Rj Ferry پیش 12 روز
That phone is the ugliest thing
GaryGary پیش 13 روز
0:27 *Smash it. Then go in it.*
Thicc Chonker
Thicc Chonker پیش 13 روز
"They say cats take up personality of their owner" My cat:
TOP 10 WORLD 2 پیش 14 روز
IRpost Ads ------------------------ 2010 : No Ads 2015 : skip Ads 2018 : skip Ads after 5 seconds 2020 : video will play after Ads 2030 : video may play in between Ads 2050 : video unavailable just watch ads
Luce Salvator
Luce Salvator پیش 14 روز
They are adding robots so Walmart can raise prices.. Bloody amateurs
basterfa84 پیش 15 روز
Cat: so it appears my human slaves are amused by my antics...after dinner I shall enjoy killing them slowly whilst they slumber.
That biker went into oblivion.
burbon ­
burbon ­ پیش 16 روز
2:24 this sounds like the stupidest idea ever
M y r a z e v a n a
M y r a z e v a n a پیش 16 روز
The cat is losing her mind: "Wai- wat happen?"
Lindsay McCarty
Lindsay McCarty پیش 17 روز
That calcite crystal looks like Groot with no face
DoTheAlienShake پیش 17 روز
I do too
fanaticat پیش 18 روز
The cat in the beginning might have wanted to give up on life but the cat at the end didn't...
Teuton پیش 18 روز
2:35 if you need such a machine to figure out what is missing in the shelf you maybe first want to consider using a warehouse software that keeps track of how many items you have on stock and how many you have sold. Useless.
Lorraine Lasin
Lorraine Lasin پیش 19 روز
0:03 *me when divison math is the test* *i give up*
RepJock88 پیش 19 روز
2:28 could put all 5 WalMart employees in the US out of work.
David Dugas
David Dugas پیش 21 روز
If you give a cat a corrugated box they will never, I mean NEVER give it up! 😺 I make them for a living so I feel I've made a great contribution to all cat kind
Blaze پیش 22 روز
i am confusion
Andrew :P
Andrew :P پیش 23 روز
00:15 windex bottle
Robert P
Robert P پیش 23 روز
OMG I thought that robot cleaned the floors LMAO when I first saw one I was like what the hell is that coming down the aisle
Real- Partyboy
Real- Partyboy پیش 24 روز
the tent was hurt
Cat c:
Cat c: پیش 25 روز
Oh no another phone to brag about
ojgfh uebsrnvn
ojgfh uebsrnvn پیش 26 روز
I wonder how skin of a dragon looks like. I mean he did a refference to it.
Joey Roblox and fortnite
Joey Roblox and fortnite پیش 26 روز
im small
DRY پیش 26 روز
Trust me when I say don’t watch these drunk
Michael Manley
Michael Manley پیش 27 روز
That is fake. The cat was a paid actor
Robert پیش 27 روز
I would stare at that art thing until I starved and died.
Banana Split 365
Banana Split 365 پیش 28 روز
It sure help daily it sure help.😌
Blossum Chan
Blossum Chan پیش 28 روز
Me: Can I go through that dimension?
Derpy Moo Cow
Derpy Moo Cow پیش 28 روز
Me: reads title Me: I’m in this video and I don’t like it
Lol which part
Ms Angel
Ms Angel پیش 28 روز
The robots in Walmart will work but where people will work during these horrible situations. These is what happening in my dad's job, they removing people one by one and there is nothing what people can do.
Eeli S.
Eeli S. پیش 29 روز
That "gummy worm" was edible cute
Asim A
Asim A پیش 29 روز
Poor cat
Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin
Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin پیش ماه
Poor kitty too fat to clean herself:(
VxRyRpg پیش ماه
Im the cat rn
ALESSIO2008KIWI I پیش ماه
i saw a man shooting his cat with a shotgun
SpaceTime پیش ماه
this guy gets millions of views each time
Stelios Hadjistyllis
Stelios Hadjistyllis پیش ماه
Who else loves when he says “later”
scrilx BOT
scrilx BOT پیش ماه
Me to cat me to
TheArtsyDragon پیش ماه
The boulder didn't hit anyone and nobody was hurt tent: hide the pain harold
Info پیش ماه
Daily dose of depression :(
killer fox
killer fox پیش ماه
1:16 Nokia : you couldn't live in your own failure, where did that Bring you Back to me
Fizzy پیش ماه
i watch like 10 of these to start my day
An Human
An Human پیش ماه
We on 2020 be like
Coconut Studio
Coconut Studio پیش ماه
That bolder wanted to hit somebody
Triz alenton
Triz alenton پیش ماه
That cats name must have been tanaka
Jack پیش ماه
0:57 Person quickly pulls out their phone instead of quickly warning people of the boulder..... a great example of the era we live in...
ferdausA پیش ماه
the cat was me in elementary school swinging on the chair.... and doing it again the next day
Illumi Zoldyck
Illumi Zoldyck پیش ماه
That cat at the end is really enjoying his self huh
DALER پیش ماه
imagine eating that gummy worm by chance while it is freezing itself 2:14
Russian Bear
Russian Bear پیش ماه
Im soo that cat at times
misdrievous Demise
misdrievous Demise پیش ماه
Cat: "Too bad that didn't kill me."
Ryan da Kono
Ryan da Kono پیش ماه
So the flip phone is the same as samsungs flip phone..? Which came out already...
Agent Squiddy
Agent Squiddy پیش ماه
2:51 where is that ?
IJ gaming 2
IJ gaming 2 پیش ماه
Robot:*just rolls around the store * Me: someone get me a bomb
Kat پیش ماه
3:15 When you accidentally type "p" into the address bar and see the first result.
MSG685 پیش ماه
How do you get on that thing? Seriously, pause it at 2:04 and tell me how they got on.
Indian women athome
Indian women athome پیش ماه
Dont Walmart have a register where they can make out which items need regular filling and go out of stock fastest?? Do they need a ROBOT... to take pictures and understand??? Can't humans use their eyes 👀 to see which items are cleared out from the shelves!! Bah!! How dumb!!!
Moon Wolf Foxx
Moon Wolf Foxx پیش ماه
This is me
Zeny Urieta
Zeny Urieta پیش ماه
Cat:life sucks good bye world Me:ok you have 9 lives do
Jane Doe
Jane Doe پیش ماه
That art thou!
That cat looks like he is going through a hard time.
Whimsy پیش ماه
Sad cat Sat
Baltzar Bonbeck
Baltzar Bonbeck پیش ماه
I would kill myself if I lived with someone with that laugh in the beginning
just here to be nice
just here to be nice پیش ماه
Hey I used to have a flip phone to dang 🤣🤣
Seasaltpro پیش ماه
I thought that boulder was a garbage bag
AxolotlsAreMexicans پیش ماه
I see Link forgot some loot
Of All My Intention
Of All My Intention پیش ماه
I wouldn't be surprised if Walmart became the first grocery store to do everything with robots.
Adarsh Ravikumar
Adarsh Ravikumar پیش ماه
And that's when they foun out that the screen breaks straight in half.
the ironcat
the ironcat پیش ماه
0:08 Piano Man begins playing
ABD VLOGER پیش ماه
Who else is Watching when the Motorola phone is out.
Raccoon Boi
Raccoon Boi پیش ماه
coin kid
coin kid پیش ماه
i read this as "give up on life"
StrangestPyro The European
StrangestPyro The European پیش ماه
Me too man, me too.
Dexter Animz
Dexter Animz پیش ماه
“A artist built a thing that can take you to a other dimension’’ Me: pack your bags we are going to a other place
Sam Temple
Sam Temple پیش ماه
I like how his videos are never clickbaits!
Anonymous پیش ماه
I gave up too, I gave up too buddy. 😔
Kotonoha Katsura
Kotonoha Katsura پیش ماه
Nocturnal Potato
Nocturnal Potato پیش ماه
I like that people are like this with flip phones and wallet phone cases.They’re like now you don’t have to worry about your screen breaking when you drop ur phone!But dude I mostly drop my phone when it’s open
Kxrc but taken
Kxrc but taken پیش ماه
That title is literally me
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