Jumping Off A Foggy Cliff

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Music provided by Audio Library Plus
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Obi Yodi
Obi Yodi پیش 10 ماه
Hey what kind of cookies is everyone putting out for Santa?
Gaming TIPS AND TRICKS پیش 27 روز
Benjamin T
Benjamin T پیش ماه
I’m Jewish
Boomer9593 پیش ماه
Itsme laura
Itsme laura پیش 2 ماه
Phoenix Artinian
Phoenix Artinian پیش 3 ماه
Obi Yodi sry to tell u but Santa doesn’t eat the chicken it’s everyone’s fat ass brother that eats it including mine
MerfoZ پیش 13 ساعت
Hello everyone this is yoo- +10 seconds
Creammmyy پیش روز
When he got the banana, that's how kids should feel about their presents. Some kids don't even have that type of stuff!
ToucanO پیش 2 روز
Ice hole: most claustrophobic thing in the world
God پیش 2 روز
That’s basically the crappy Minecraft render distance experience irl.
thevicvic 1
thevicvic 1 پیش 4 روز
nobody: :D = 2:39
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker پیش 5 روز
2:24 So that’s how the movies get there sound effects 🤔
30kbeforeupload پیش 6 روز
that sure was a fish if ive ever seen one
Sixxdee9 پیش 6 روز
Other content providers: I have to click bait to get views. DDOI: what you see is what you get.
「 emi • dog 」
「 emi • dog 」 پیش 6 روز
Me trying to me happy when getting a banana
Maila Joy Cantoja
Maila Joy Cantoja پیش 7 روز
banana is lyf
Pruthu Deshpande
Pruthu Deshpande پیش 11 روز
The parents be like. We know what to give her next year.
Help me reach 1k subs without videos
Help me reach 1k subs without videos پیش 11 روز
0:52 Bless you child U-U
RyXn 00
RyXn 00 پیش 12 روز
That banana was wholesome
Maira Alvarado
Maira Alvarado پیش 12 روز
That kid that got the bannana shows how great full he was for that present
Sai Simba
Sai Simba پیش 13 روز
3:14 me when I have goldfish
5 Minute Motivation yoo
5 Minute Motivation yoo پیش 15 روز
The kid was trolling her parents sarcastically.
Robbie Cranna
Robbie Cranna پیش 15 روز
Jack Bones
Jack Bones پیش 16 روز
Why so many dislikes? Wtf is wrong people?
SaphiTheBunny پیش 18 روز
Him: Have you ever wanted to swim with rays? Me: NOOOOO STOPPP
cat dog
cat dog پیش 18 روز
Oooh that foggy cliff has a bunch of surprises
Owen Lu
Owen Lu پیش 18 روز
Banana man Sam
Kristers Martinsons
Kristers Martinsons پیش 19 روز
I don’t think it was fog I think it was clouds.
Lexi Locks
Lexi Locks پیش 20 روز
banana ^w^
Trump 2020 maga
Trump 2020 maga پیش 21 روز
*this is how it feels like to jump of a diving board*
PlayBoiJammiir پیش 21 روز
0:04 plot twist he forgot his parachute
OverIayed- پیش 21 روز
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan پیش 21 روز
1:35 that’s a fur-fish
SAMUEL KING پیش 21 روز
1:05 - This would be a great sound effect for a laser gun
3:16 AHHhHhHh
Just Some Gay with a Mustache
Just Some Gay with a Mustache پیش 22 روز
6.9m views, just had to point that out
WernerKlorand پیش 23 روز
Don't keep telling the rat it's not a fish, it might believe it and suffocate
Patrick for Ben Lee
Patrick for Ben Lee پیش 23 روز
That girl is probably the most thankful person in the planet
Love Cats
Love Cats پیش 24 روز
XSevenSonata پیش 24 روز
Gangsta eagle.
OrangeBananaYT پیش 25 روز
0:09 Broken Bones 3 but in real life... no
Kylie Cat
Kylie Cat پیش 25 روز
The fish with it's dying breath: Everybody loves me
Ashton Peat
Ashton Peat پیش 25 روز
As you do
UwUElla_ Yt2947
UwUElla_ Yt2947 پیش 25 روز
"a huge wave had a surfer flying through the air" In my head: YEET
Taylor Jean Vander Woude
Taylor Jean Vander Woude پیش 26 روز
Vardhan Shah
Vardhan Shah پیش 26 روز
2:37 *Crewmate* There are 2 imposters among us
Aggro King
Aggro King پیش 26 روز
Mewwy chwistmas
Creeper Deepa
Creeper Deepa پیش 26 روز
that isnt a fish thats a rodent
Cody H
Cody H پیش 27 روز
When swimming with those manta rays, DON'T TOUCH THEM. I did research on them in school and touching them makes them vulnerable to diseases and parasites and it's rlly bad for them so plz don't touch them!!
iFIopsi Minecraft
iFIopsi Minecraft پیش 27 روز
2:58 Me trying to get my little cousins away from my games on my phone
illudeas پیش 27 روز
Plot twist: the kid had not been eating for 5 days straight and the banana is her first meal.
Mona Gupta
Mona Gupta پیش 27 روز
2:52 My life was a lie Buffaloes eat fish!!??
ZchryPlys پیش 27 روز
How exactly do we observe all of these things happening on the sun? Most people realize they are just making “educated” guesses right?
Habeeb Unissa Begum
Habeeb Unissa Begum پیش 27 روز
MrSaemichlaus پیش 28 روز
0:03 As an aspiring engineer, I can't support how those poles stick out. They could tear up loose clothes as the dude jumps and possibly damage his wingsuit.
Joshua Riley
Joshua Riley پیش 28 روز
Hadrian games
Hadrian games پیش 28 روز
If only the cliff was 20 feet
Megabearhugs پیش 29 روز
2:21 If You Pause Before Watching This Clip You Should Cuz There's A Circle Wave xD
Captain Yolo Waffle
Captain Yolo Waffle پیش 29 روز
My Minecraft brain be like: don’t worry, he’ll be safe, hell land in water
Agu Khangembam
Agu Khangembam پیش 29 روز
The last Cat
Mees Smit
Mees Smit پیش 29 روز
the girl with the banana absolutely made my day
Kyle Deng
Kyle Deng پیش ماه
this dudes voice is just cool
JawsonProductionStudios پیش ماه
2:11 RIP
Gamerkid2010 پیش ماه
@Obi Yodi edible cookies
XPJV پیش ماه
But there's NO southern lights ! ...
Mr.Goodman پیش ماه
Mohammed Barhoum
Mohammed Barhoum پیش ماه
I wonder what that buffalo wanted from the poor eagle's fish
EfficientDiamond پیش ماه
thats what the cool kids do
Dark Light
Dark Light پیش ماه
Me when I’m looking for food 1:34
FaXe Rawr
FaXe Rawr پیش ماه
That ain’t a cliff that a whole mountain
bendy bot yt productions
bendy bot yt productions پیش ماه
Jenny Funk
Jenny Funk پیش ماه
Why thank you sun
Livingchutoy پیش ماه
0:32 That child....is going to grow appreciating all the little things in life. She will live happy.
Alin Kapas
Alin Kapas پیش ماه
This is God of War !! 🧐
Michael Angelo Saez
Michael Angelo Saez پیش ماه
that little girl has been raised very well
Aniket Jindal
Aniket Jindal پیش ماه
0:37 sister of minions 😂
TheWolf22t پیش ماه
Why does the banana girl remind me of a certain twitch streamer
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson پیش ماه
ice dropped into an ice hole, sounds like a SFX from a james bond movie.
Landybobo پیش ماه
3:05 when you have tali’s in class
Pickles پیش ماه
hey just a question, whats caters news?
Idc Yeet
Idc Yeet پیش ماه
Damn dat Ice kinda cool
Chandra Piyush Bajpai
Chandra Piyush Bajpai پیش ماه
0:36 See how Happy you become when you enjoy what you have except weeping on what you don't have
FEU Bryceyfishy
FEU Bryceyfishy پیش ماه
My dad when I was born: 1:05
ai پیش ماه
random person on the internet
random person on the internet پیش ماه
you could have waited for the chunks to load in
火火Evan_11 پیش ماه
hes so cute!
Bread پیش ماه
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya پیش ماه
0:32 hmm that's me when I get banana for Christmas lol
Leonard Rutishauser
Leonard Rutishauser پیش ماه
Wer chunt aus us dr schwiz😹
CrazydinoHD CrazydinoHD
CrazydinoHD CrazydinoHD پیش ماه
1:03 the ice is having a war
betotrono پیش ماه
That cat at the end looks like Gowron
Ciphix StudiosYT
Ciphix StudiosYT پیش ماه
Don’t forget to look out for random cats staring at you
Lil guy
Lil guy پیش ماه
"How stupid can you be?"
You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days
You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days پیش ماه
Isaac But Not
Isaac But Not پیش ماه
cool the way the bird is protecting its food and all but dang that bird is clean when it is in that mud pool kind of area
TheSchmo پیش ماه
My uncle was a base jumper. He said to me "what ever you do, don't jump off a foggy cliff". I said Unc what's it like to lay in Traction for 6 months covered head to foot in plaster? Unc; "Let's not go there"
SketchyDJM پیش ماه
Gamer 1
Gamer 1 پیش ماه
The baby was so cute
Grace Hough
Grace Hough پیش ماه
The jumping off a cliff was terrifying but i loved it
Iceyy Gaming
Iceyy Gaming پیش ماه
Epicycle Club- President
Epicycle Club- President پیش ماه
*Banana* Will he heart it this time?
King Cali
King Cali پیش ماه
The banana scene shows how spoiled I am 😂😂😂
EagleBafBomb08 پیش ماه
why is everyone talking about me?
Jaysus Crass
Jaysus Crass پیش ماه
2:50 call him Daniel-San 'cause this american icon can crane kick like a master, godtdamn!
Carol M. Salter
Carol M. Salter پیش ماه
Absolutely loved them, keep them coming.
Calleb Scheffler
Calleb Scheffler پیش ماه
Well then banana banana
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