Man Saves Frozen Bird Stuck To Fence

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Sea Lion:
Lizard: lizardschwartz/status/1215670751870771205?s=21
Cheeto Bag:
Earth Rotation:

Big Rock: pB7FZuF5nxSh/
Card Trick:
Ball Drop: bradbmagic
Floppy Dog:
House: pB6TjrgkAbT4/
Flips: pB6DxGwxA6P-/
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Nick Angelucci
Nick Angelucci پیش 9 ماه
Me: mom can we get some snacks My mom: we have snacks at the house Snacks at the house: 0:59
Mint پیش 5 روز
S T I G پیش 5 روز
S T I G پیش 5 روز
S T I G پیش 5 روز
YourLocalSun پیش 10 روز
Bruh all I get is bread for snacks
John Vincent Plays
John Vincent Plays پیش 18 دقیقه
2 days later, the bird has corona virus... Jk..
Frost-o-Foxy Gaming
Frost-o-Foxy Gaming پیش 3 ساعت
2:25 plot twist: its actually his handwriting because he wrote daily dose of internet
Salz 123
Salz 123 پیش 16 ساعت
Random dude
Random dude پیش 20 ساعت
Lizard: hmmmm, this one, no this one! Wait no, itsssss this one! Wait no Also Lizard: hey you think you can help me out here 1:15
Prestiguz II
Prestiguz II پیش روز
that bird was prolly like, "you won't believe what just happened!"
shaurya Legendizer
shaurya Legendizer پیش 2 روز
1:45 Me running to my mom because I found out the new PS5 came out
AJ Broskis
AJ Broskis پیش 2 روز
Tom Heath
Tom Heath پیش 2 روز
0:46 Exact same thing happened to me in 1992, but with a dolphin lol
Ninja Gunnarsdóttir - Flyingeskolan 5
Ninja Gunnarsdóttir - Flyingeskolan 5 پیش 3 روز
Dont i write good???
[·Eternity·Hufflepuff·] پیش 3 روز
Lol for a second I thought the guy on the thumbnail was wearing a human hand looking glove.
Aditya Teraiya
Aditya Teraiya پیش 4 روز
2:02 If that guy wrote that then he might be DDOI !?
Sand Overlord
Sand Overlord پیش 5 روز
0:29 the bird said thank you omg
Agamer0822 پیش 5 روز
0:17 my mans like aslan from lion the witch and the wardrobe when he blew on the statues
Junior Everlands
Junior Everlands پیش 5 روز
1:05 it’s a bearded dragon
Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry پیش 6 روز
00:15 Or save time and piss on the birds feet!
xx_Foxycat پیش 6 روز
1:48 my sister when its time to go to sleep
xx_Foxycat پیش 6 روز
Pause it
Ayden Torres
Ayden Torres پیش 6 روز
1:03 when your pet doesn’t have a brain to decide what to eat
wWaidi پیش 6 روز
2:57 how is it called??
Spirit Op
Spirit Op پیش 6 روز
Doctor : You have left with 3:22 minuets what would you do Me :
Daina Tiffaine
Daina Tiffaine پیش 8 روز
Let’s just appreciate that this man saved this bird from hunger
Caiden Morris
Caiden Morris پیش 8 روز
1:29 so are we just gonna ignore how theirs an old dude amongst the stars
Caiden Morris
Caiden Morris پیش 8 روز
Okay i just looked at it differently now i see and old dude inside of an old dude
Ryley Convetse
Ryley Convetse پیش 8 روز
I know how the lizard with the peas feels
Charlie Ventura
Charlie Ventura پیش 8 روز
Plot twist: that bird found a hungry owl
TheChowdhuryLife پیش 9 روز
1:00 i have a bearded dragon (the lizard)
Braeden Velasco
Braeden Velasco پیش 10 روز
James what happened to the cheetos James: 0:55
xXKing_AngelXx پیش 10 روز
The bird said "thank you thank you thank you!" 🥺
Cup O Warriors
Cup O Warriors پیش 11 روز
That old man is too good for this world.
Goose پیش 11 روز
Amine Ali moussa CE2A
Amine Ali moussa CE2A پیش 11 روز
1:19 (idk I just did this so I can see it all over again LOL XD)
Super Li李詣超
Super Li李詣超 پیش 12 روز
The earth rotating video is probably the coolest thing ever
TheEpicsniper34 پیش 12 روز
Lies my classmate has the best handwriting.
YcerSeption پیش 12 روز
my mom youre not ugly how i look 1:47
Xxgachawolfangel xX
Xxgachawolfangel xX پیش 13 روز
Random Forest Fox creature that says Hi
Random Forest Fox creature that says Hi پیش 13 روز
If this was a actual dose I think I would be in the hospital by now
Nelson Cabrera
Nelson Cabrera پیش 16 روز
1:02 Me at the Chinese buffet.
FIRE SKULL پیش 18 روز
I'm going to pick the winner once I have 30 subscribers
TheGamerPro پیش 18 روز
Legend has it that the lizard is still choosing which pea he wants to eat first
Literalicity. پیش 18 روز
2:56 consume the smoke chalice
James Cu
James Cu پیش 19 روز
i like birds
m e
m e پیش 19 روز
no daily dose , not just , u made my day , u do everyday
ADITYA KUMAR پیش 21 روز
1:30 Even I rotated with my phone too
Victor K
Victor K پیش 21 روز
The lizard was counting the peas to make sure he got what he paid for.
Zuzu Khan
Zuzu Khan پیش 22 روز
human saved bird Bird flying way at full speed "Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
Darshan R Patil
Darshan R Patil پیش 22 روز
2:13 I was just finished reading immunity from my school chapter What a coincidence 😄
Joaquin Cuevas
Joaquin Cuevas پیش 23 روز
Flat Earth believers be like: "Wait, we have the ability to stick upside down?"
Krishnakumar پیش 24 روز
That microwave thing looked so much like Stein's Gate....
blitzer Frost
blitzer Frost پیش 25 روز
I have the worst hand writing ever
:j Long
:j Long پیش 26 روز
2:04 he probably writes slowly.Imagine how he writes at fast as possible
CosmosTired پیش 26 روز
Doctor: Theres no other way to say this but your son died .. Parents: OH NO WHY WHAT HAPPEND ?! Doctor: He overdosed on internet Parents: Oh that's great
8NANE8 پیش 28 روز
The first bird said "thank you wonderful sir"
M15 thaslug
M15 thaslug پیش 28 روز
Funny I saw this bird vid on the dodo channel
IdebelleLoL پیش 28 روز
When the man was first blowing, I thought the bird was bleeding
Atwanista Alias
Atwanista Alias پیش 28 روز
hwy do you say 'just a little better'?
Jenny Sydenstricker
Jenny Sydenstricker پیش 29 روز
1:03 which one pointed first?
22,000 Subscribers
22,000 Subscribers پیش 29 روز
Does anybody realise that that person was talking about drugs
speicaldark پیش ماه
Wow! I wonder how to stabilize a camera like that
kevin benitez
kevin benitez پیش ماه
Everyone subscribe to him NOW HES ALMOST AT 10M
Its Dikshanta
Its Dikshanta پیش ماه
0:28 Ahh! He said u thank you❤️❤️
jacob alford
jacob alford پیش ماه
That bird probably died anyways. Its flock left it behind during migration.
Derric Delos Santos
Derric Delos Santos پیش ماه
I guess Thor struck lightning on that Cheetos bag, and now the bag is now a tiny electrocuted Cheetos bag now.
solar peashooter channel
solar peashooter channel پیش ماه
You stolen dodo video
Mylan پیش ماه
1:24 is clearly fake, I mean cmon we all know the earth is flat...
Satya Raj
Satya Raj پیش 17 روز
Ooo SO YOUR A FLAT EARTHER AREN'T YOU?? Did u just say WE ALL KNOW I'm sorry but most of us know that the earth is round and we also saw so many pictures that the earth is no offense if you think the earth is flat i just wanted to say that not all of us belive the earth is flat
Theperson wow
Theperson wow پیش ماه
When the men was blowing out to save the birds feet I thought their was bleeding blood on the birds feet
Smsjssns akjzna smk Seswnsjwmlz
Smsjssns akjzna smk Seswnsjwmlz پیش ماه
Me & my brothers hand writing is probably the worst on earth
Viggo dahl Kastrup
Viggo dahl Kastrup پیش ماه
God guy
YoU hAVe CanCeR
YoU hAVe CanCeR پیش ماه
I over dosed on internet
Golden_Dragon_Mason پیش ماه
Me when I’m done with school 1:50
Lyrics Shots TV
Lyrics Shots TV پیش ماه
First clip proves that humanity doesnt vanish . 💜
Astral پیش ماه
I noticed the seal says 'NOOO' in slow motion
Sta tisfied?
Sta tisfied? پیش ماه
Bruh, that guy git flung into the air SOOOOOO high, in my mind it was like a dinosaur throwing him up in the air
Liberty Newby
Liberty Newby پیش ماه
I have one of those Incense burners.
• Şçąřłeť •
• Şçąřłeť • پیش ماه
The man is such an angel, this bird could've died..
Trapped Mind
Trapped Mind پیش ماه
Man saves frozen fence from bird.
Flammy Dutch Angel
Flammy Dutch Angel پیش ماه
2:17 then theres me with probably one of the worst handwritings you will ever see
Tyson Dunlop
Tyson Dunlop پیش ماه
Making my day just a little bit better do you mean sooooooooooooooo much better!
JG9202 پیش ماه
2:20 me : Thanks for the answers!
John316 پیش ماه
Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen پیش ماه
Let's be honest: that bird probably landed on another fence and got stuck again.
Arty Ivanenko
Arty Ivanenko پیش ماه
Don't mean to be that guy, but thats a European sparrow, an invasive species that ruins nesting spots for native birds. He would have done the environment a favour by not releasing it
lil toenail
lil toenail پیش ماه
me when I get into the shower: 0:55 Edit: if you don't understand it, you're either a girl or too young
Your personal Juice box
Your personal Juice box پیش ماه
I’ve seen one of those smoke things before, the person working there let me touch the smoke it was fun :)
SpecExploits پیش ماه
IF that was a baby bird the mom will abandon the bird now because it has the scent of a human.
Finix 1221
Finix 1221 پیش ماه
1:04: 6yo me when my mom gives me peas and says u are not leaving the table without eating those peas
ElectricalFusionRoblox پیش ماه
Girl:Has great handwriting Teacher: ITS NOT JOINED UP.
KL پیش ماه
0:01 the real Dynamike
blueberriesss پیش ماه
this is probably the best video you have done!
Pero Cigla
Pero Cigla پیش ماه
2:31 Where was this filmed?
FL Riser ØMG
FL Riser ØMG پیش ماه
joysdiors پیش ماه
me when i see the ice cream truck outside: 1:43
ScytheZenith پیش ماه
The girl with the perfect handwriting can just say she copied and pasted from the textbook
Lxst Cry
Lxst Cry پیش ماه
No ur wrong the lizard count tge peas
Corbin Beam
Corbin Beam پیش ماه
Top 5 rarest things to happen 5:collision with another galaxy 4:real fictional character 3:meteor impact 2:sun explosion 1:perfect handwriting
RedPandaGaming پیش ماه
See kids, its not the stars that move, its us.
Rafal Queen
Rafal Queen پیش ماه
Omg pewdiepie watch is channel
Noman Khan
Noman Khan پیش ماه
I want to touch a birdd
Sujan Karki
Sujan Karki پیش ماه
I am blind i thought the man was trying to eat the bird
Lord Meltza
Lord Meltza پیش ماه
The first bird in this video I believe was a Tit. Not completely sure.
Aria X
Aria X پیش ماه
박현성 پیش ماه
Literally "micro"wave...
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